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How to Create a Motion Tween in Adobe Flash-Tutorial

The shape tween and the classic tween are great for practical purposes.  But, the most versatile tween in Adobe Flash has got to be the motion tween.  The motion tween does what the classic tween wishes it could.  It allows you move objects easily and manipulate the size or rotation of those objects.  Best of all, the motion tween is really easy to use.  One note however, you must make the object that you’re wishing to motion tween into a symbol.  But that’s no biggie.  (continue reading…)

How to Add Color to a Frame by Frame Animation in Flash-Tutorial

So you’ve got that frame by frame animation drawn, but there’s no color.  All you have is a line drawing.  This tutorial will fix that for you.  Here we will take a look at how to add color to a frame by frame animation in Flash. All it takes is understanding the basic tools for adding color.  Take a look at the following video.  (continue reading…)

How to Create a Frame by Frame Animation in Flash-Tutorial

It’s pretty easy to get started creating animations in Flash. In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at creating frame by frame animations in Flash. Frame by frame animation is created by drawing an object in blank keyframes while changing the placement of the object in each drawing. When the sequence is played, it looks as if the object is moving. Take a look at the video tutorial. (continue reading…)

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